The funny thing about the whole concept of affair sites demographics is that it’s easy to see how judgmental society is. You might think that modern American society is very open-minded and liberal, you might want to think again. When it comes to one key dating demographic, it seems that we have hit the rewind button, as far as our cultural development and evolution is concerned. It seems that when the discussion turns to cheating housewives, people seem to clutch their pearls and get all conservative all of a sudden.

This really is too bad because, if you really think about it, cheating women and cheating housewives have been part of American society and any society for that matter for thousands of years. This has been the case a long time ago, this is the case now, and it will continue to be the case long into the future. Why? Infidelity is actually hardwired into the human DNA. Regardless of society, regardless of class structure, regardless of whatever demographic background, infidelity and cheating women are always going to be part of the picture just as cheating men are part of the picture. Instead of looking at it as some sort of taboo or some sort of a spicy topic, we should just focus on the fact that this happens.

Why are cheating women getting the shaft?

 As a society, we should then just focus on why this is the case. You have to remember that we’re living in a pronounced age of cultural transition. A lot of previously comfortable definitions of identity and relationships are undergoing tremendous change. This has put a tremendous strain on how we view ourselves and our relationships. Not surprisingly, there’s a lot more cheating women now. This will probably stabilize as definitions shift and change later on.



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