Life Selector. Is It Really a Porn Game? (What you should know)

I’m pretty addicted to porn games. While that’s not a great personality trait, it does mean that consequently, I know my porn games. I can tell you almost anything and everything about any XXX game you can think of.

I love or hate many of them, I rarely hold back my opinions.

That’s why this whole Life Selector porn game subject fires me up.

Why would any porn game upset me? Other than being of shoddy quality, it can be because, in the case of Life Selector, it’s hardly a porn game at all.

But there is more to the story.

Life Selector is a game. When someone plays a game, at the very crux of their experiences is decision making. In Life Selector, you watch real porn star videos. At a certain crossroad, you’ll be given the opportunity to choose a Life Selector adventure. For example, maybe you want to fuck the porn star missionary? No problem, if it’s an option that you can select, you can make it happen (at least in the virtual sense of things).

But a porn game?

Technically, I get why it carries the label “game.” Users to make choices. But you aren’t solving a riddle or winning more credits or journeys. You are watching a porn movie then choosing where that porn movie goes based on your sexual desires.

That’s hardly a game.

But, to be clear, I do enjoy me some Life Selector. It’s a quality porn experience even if I don’t really love it being classified as a “game.”

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