In an online hookup words are more than words

An online hookup website is a website that basically guarantees that you will match somebody. Of course, this is not as guaranteed as sticking your dick into somebody’s pussy, but it comes close. I mean–hey, let’s face it, such a website where there’s guaranteed sexual hookups have yet to be invented. But an online hook up website comes really close.

In an online hookup words are more than words from Erotic Pics  category

Why? They really scour their database. They really bend over backwards both figuratively and literally to try to match people physically. And of course, as long as the assumption is that these are just sexual hook ups, then there would be no problems.

With that said, you have to understand that there is some sort of complicated dance that you’re engaged in when you are on a typical online date. This is not your typical date.

The typical date involves a nice restaurant, great lighting, maybe some candlelight, roses, a great scent in the room, and of course great food. You look into each other’s eyes. You drown in each other’s presence and maybe she would suck your dick at the end of the night, maybe not. The whole point is that you get lost in the ambiance and all this romantic energy is cooking up and it’s all lovey-dovey. There’s none of that shit.

In a online hookup, it’s all about raw, animal, nasty stinky, sweaty, dirty sex, right? So you just look at each other straight in the eye like Manny Pacquiao looks at MayWeather during a face off and you don’t know whether it’s really raw animal anger or just a tremendous horny impulse to just slam genital against genital and just explode orgasm after orgasm.

So it’s really important to watch your words in such a setting because the wrong word can kill the mood. Do you see where I’m coming from? So the best advice is to just shut the fuck up and enjoy the tension because guess what, the best sex comes literally and figuratively after a tremendous amount of tension.

This really shouldn’t be a surprise because if you remember when you were a kid, the great thing about Christmas is not Christmas Day itself where you get those crappy toys, but it’s the anticipation of Christmas.

If you’re able to understand this, then you increase the likelihood that you will succeed at finding the awesome sex that you’re looking from these websites.

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